Contemporary Christian Music

Remember when you were a ‘90s teenager, sitting and flip through CCM Magazine while Rebecca St. James sang about God, truly God in the background? This weekly newsletter is an attempt to recapture some of that experience, but with a fresh, critical eye towards the content.

I’m in the process of writing both my master’s thesis on CCM Magazine, evaluating its role in the culture wars of the 1990s, as well as a book on CCM and whiteness. I spend so much time in the pages of these magazines, and it’s equal parts nostalgic and frustrating, that I figured I would share the experience!

I’m calling it an ‘annotated trip down memory lane’ because I’ll be pulling from my research to highlight themes, artists, and industry-makers to give us a slightly more well-rounded picture of what was going on in each issue. Since the bulk of my energy is going towards writing, these newsletters will be short and sweet snippets, but hopefully fun and thoughtful nonetheless.

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an annotated trip down christian music memory lane in the CCM Magazine archives!


Caris Adel

reading my way through the CCM Magazine archives as I write about contemporary christian music and whiteness